It’s time for our elected representatives to finally keep their promises and stand with American workers, not CEOs and billionaires. That’s why workers are uniting and demanding Congress pass the PRO Act now.

Why we’re fighting to pass the PRO Act now

We want to be paid fairly for our work and have access to quality, affordable healthcare, safe working conditions, and time off to spend with our families. But our outdated laws make it nearly impossible for us to join together to make changes at work and too often, when we do speak up, we are punished or fired.
The PRO Act will change that. It will increase penalties for corporations when they retaliate against workers who come together to speak out for better pay or working conditions. It will make it easier for employees to form a union in their workplace to negotiate for better pay and working conditions, safety protections, reasonable schedules and other conditions. It will give union workers more tools to make sure their employers are sticking to the terms of the contracts they’ve negotiated.

The Worker Power Coalition

We are a coalition of workers, grassroots organizations and labor unions fighting to rebuild the power of American workers across sectors.