Take Action

Action#1: Call your senators!

Call your senators to demand that they pass the PRO Act. Dial (202) 980-2770 to be patched through to your senators’ offices.

Action #2: Sign the Petition!

How we’ll win

Working people know that real democracy means more than being able to cast a vote. Real democracy requires workers to have a voice not only at the ballot box but in our workplaces.

So let’s raise our voices. Now. Together. Let’s show the big bosses that we’re not intimidated and we won’t back down. Let’s show our senators how important the PRO Act is to our country’s future.
Join the fight to pass the PRO Act and be part of a movement for lasting change. Together we’ll make enough noise so our Senators have to listen to us. We’ll focus national attention on the crisis in our workplaces, the uneven playing field for workers, and what we need to have dignity and respect on the job. We’ll stand strong and demand that the Senate pass the PRO Act for the sake of all workers.