It’s time for our elected representatives to finally keep their promises and stand with American workers, not CEOs and billionaires. That’s why workers across sectors are uniting and demanding Congress pass the PRO Act now.

Now that the PRO Act passed the House, we must do everything in our power to get it across the finish line in the Senate. The PRO Act would benefit all workers, even those who do not join or form unions. We deserve to work with dignity—receiving fair wages, good benefits and favorable working decisions.

Take 1 minute to join the fight by calling on the Senate to pass the PRO Act today! With enough signatures, we can show our senators the broad support for this critical bill. 

Why we’re fighting to pass the PRO Act now

The United States has gone nearly 100 years without labor law reform making workers’ lives better. Our outdated laws make it nearly impossible for us to come together with a collective worker voice and advocate for better wages, benefits and working conditions. From employees and laborers in the fastest-growing industries—like gig work, home care, and other service jobs—to corporate employees and office workers who have gone remote, we all have a stake in protecting workers’ rights. Now is the moment to unite as workers and urge the Senate to pass the Protect the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act).

What is the PRO Act?

If passed, the PRO Act would be the most consequential labor law in 100 years. The bill will improve working conditions for all Amercians by:
  • Empowering workers to organize on the job for better wages, benefits and working conditions
  • Holding employers accountable by authorizing meaningful penalties for violations against workers’ rights. 
  • Protecting gig workers from being misclassified as independent contractors and losing out on essential benefits and protections.

    Want to learn more? Read the 13 ways that PRO Act helps working people.

On March 9, 2021, the House of Representatives voted to pass the PRO Act 225-206. Now the fate of this crucial legislation lies with the Senate, where it currently has the support of 47 Senators as cosponsors. Workers cannot afford to keep waiting for our turn—we have to seize our moment now to urge the Senate to act.

The Worker Power Coalition

We are a coalition of workers, grassroots organizations and labor unions fighting to rebuild the power of American workers across sectors.